Julieta Cervantes

Julieta Cervantes

The amalgam of formality and informality, of technique and rawness (sometimes wildness) in the work of the choreographer Liz Gerring is something rare. Her six dancers, all attractive, look purpose-bred. The intensity with which they all use their backs is particularly impressive, as is the accentuation they bring to very simple steps. Yet they look neither homogenized nor groomed. Though the way any one of them raises a limb often looks wholly unschooled, you later realize that each moves the very same way the next time, and that so do the others. What looked naïve proves to be precise.

…a beautifully poetic stream of video imagery by Willy Le Maitre as décor; individualized dimly blue costumes by Jillian Lewis; and a score by Michael J. Schumacher that, like Mr. Le Maitre’s video projections, covers a wide range of subjects and moods. Carolyn Wong’s lighting is marvelous…
— Alastair Macaulay, New York Times, October 2011

she dreams in code

The World Premiere of she dreams in code was presented by the Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC, October 13-16, 2011. 

she dreams in code was presented the week of August 15-19 at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. 

Liz Gerring and long time collaborator, composer and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher explore the co-dependency between dance and music, together creating an oblique environment of relationships that crisscross space and time.

In this work the choreographer focuses on her methods of construction; clarification of image rather than invention of new movement. Highly athletic, the challenging physical demands of the vocabulary are expressed in abstraction often drawn from the everyday.

choreographer: Liz Gerring
composer: Michael J. Schumacher
video set designer: Willy Le Maitre
lighting designer: Carolyn Wong
costume designer: Jillian Lewis
For six dancers: Ben Asriel, Tony Neidenbach, Adele Nickel, Brandin Steffensen, Jessica Weiss, Claire Westby