...last to arrive is Ms. Gerring,
who hasn’t appeared in one of her works in years. It’s fascinating to
see her as the source of her style, an original blend of athleticism and
formality that might be labeled “Merce Cunningham Goes to the Gym.” And
yet when Ms. Westby does the same steps, they seem equally made for
her, a unique expression of her personality. The interrelation between
choreographer and dancer is another compellingly changeable one.
— Brian Seibert, New York Times, (T)here to (T)here at Baryshnikov Arts Center, November, 2016

(T)here to (T)here

(T)HERE TO (T)HERE, an evening length choreographic work, created in collaboration with Kay Rosen
at Lincoln Center White Light Festival 2016

World Premiere November 10-12, 2016 8pm at Baryshnikov Arts Center.

Liz Gerring dedicated this performance to Kazuko Hirabayashi.

Liz Gerring developed (T)HERE TO (T)HERE, in collaboration with visual artist Kay Rosen. (T)HERE TO (T)HERE  is based on a central couple whose journey is accompanied by  projected text arranged to create a visual space of words and color. Its initial structure was derived from independent solos built on the principle dancers Brandon Collwes and Claire Westby. The dancer's solos, coming together and moving apart, mirror the cyclical nature of our own relationships. Gerring intended this smaller scale work to be performed in a more intimate setting allowing the audience to experience the dancers as individuals. In development since 2014,  (T)HERE TO (T)HERE reflects a more personal subject matter whilst adhering to Liz Gerring's fundamental use of movement as the primary focus.

choreographer: Liz Gerring
visual artist: Kay Rosen

composer: Michael J. Schumacher
production and lighting design: Amith Chandrashaker
video set design: Josh Higgason
costume design: Quinn Czejkowski in collaboration with Liz Gerring & Miguel Anaya
stage manager: Kyle Kelley

rehearsal director: Elizabeth DeMent

Dancers: Brandon Collwes, Joseph Giordano, Piere Guilbault, Julia Jurgilewicz, Claire Westby & Liz Gerring.

(T)here to (T)here was developed in part during a technical residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center. Thanks to the Mertz Gilmore Foundation's Late-Stage Production Stipend. The company would like to thank Kirk August Radke for his support in the development of this work.